Inside the No, paperback by Myrna Lewis

You will be able to find decisions that will be supported by all participants of a group, with the 5 practical steps in Deep Democracy. This book (EN) has been written by Myrna Lewis for leaders and facilitators who want to deal with conflict and anxiety in a relaxed way. For people who want to use the strength and wisdom to be found in diversity and different opinions. Lewis Deep Democracy is a method to make decisions that will be carried out through the whole process and started in South Africa during the period from apartheid to democracy. This method is being used in more than 20 countries throughout the whole world. Order your copy here for € 26,50 (paperback) and € 9,99 (PDF).

ALERT: Since the Dutch version of Inside the No by Myrna Lewis will be available by the end of 2022, we will no longer receive any stock of the English version. We will be able to deliver the English book as long as the stock lasts.